Un Dia Con Thomas Manchild

I’m pleased to finally release the English version of a modern classic. “Un Dia Con Thomas Manchild” (A Day with Thomas Manchild) has been translated for an English audience, uncut and without subtitles.

Again, these are the actual drawings and storyline I turned in for my junior year Spanish project. Looking back on my work, I’m delighted to see the story is still relevant for today’s audiences. In certain parts of the story, I decided to add my own director’s commentary in italics. Enjoy.


My friend is named Thomas Manchild. Thomas is very strong and rich. Thomas is suave, and has lots of muscles because he drinks milk.

(Unfortunately, this scan failed to capture the detail of Thomas’s house from the original drawing. It is a hacienda style mansion, with marble pillars. Somehow, it works. And looking back, I can’t believe I failed to include flamingos and other exotic animals frollicking on the grounds. It was a huge oversight.)
Thomas lives on the beach. Thomas’s house is very big and his house has a swimming pool. Thomas is 25 years old.

(Please note that this drawing was created prior to my ownership of the MR2. Eerie. Also, note the logo of “Manchild Enterprises” on the side of the car. To this day, I still use “Manchild Enterprises” as my imaginary corporation whenever I register software or enter a drawing to win free sub sandwiches.)
Thomas’s car is very big and expensive. Thomas has lots of money, but he never works. Thomas is never afraid, because he is always successful. He is very lucky.

In the winter, Thomas goes to Las Vegas. He stays in a hotel called Caesar’s Palace. In the hotel, Thomas plays a game of cards.

Thomas is lucky in the game, and he wins a lot of money. After the game, Thomas goes to a restaurant because he is hungry. The restaurant is named Planet Hollywood.

In the restaurant, Thomas sees a woman. The woman is very beautiful.

“Hello,” Thomas said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine,” she said, “would you like to drink a beer with me?”
“No, I don’t like beer,” Thomas said. “I drink milk, because I need to grow big and formidable.”
“I see,” she said, “I need to go to my husband now.”
“Very good,” Thomas said, “I’ll see you later.”

Afterwards, Thomas was tired. He went back to his hotel because he needed rest. That night, Thomas was lucky with the cards, but he was unlucky with the ladies.

(Riveting story line. Beautiful women. The backdrop of Vegas. This short story should have been made into a movie. Couldn’t you see Vince Vaughn in the role of me, er, Thomas Manchild? My teacher thought otherwise… I think I got a B+ on this. Clearly, I’m still outraged about it.)

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