Who are the Internet Zillionaires?

ZSo who are the Internet Zillionaires? We are long-term domain squatters hoping to cash in before we die. We are writers who started blogging before Twitter existed. We made a lot of cash during the dot com era but we burned through it buying crap off eBay.

The writing styles range on this site range from observational to anecdotal humor, and we occasionally feature guest columnists and original sound and video clips. Most of our posts will be humorous, but some entries will be entirely devoid of humor, although not intentionally. And that’s where you (yes, YOU!) come in… We welcome funny and original commentary from the legions of Zillionaires out there with time on their hands. Our comment section not only adds new tangents and viewpoints to each subject matter, but it ensures that each topic will be thoroughly beaten to death…

So, fellow Zillionaire, minimize that game of online Solitaire. We’ve got a new way for you to kill time at work.

About The Centaur

The Centaur From a distance, some people mistake me for a big jackass. Fact is, they’re only half right. Like the mythical creature, I am every bit my namesake: Half man, half horse. Allow me to clarify, I am actually half man, and half horse’s ass.And Internet Zillionaire dot com is my stable. It is the one site that welcomes my half-witted commentary and allows me to put in a half-assed effort. If you wish to contact me, simply blow into the horn of a ram from the highest hilltop… or shoot me an email.

About The Captive Lion

The Captive Lion A male lion in captivity lives twice as long as a male lion in the wild. But he hates his life twice as much.Internet Zillionaire dot com is this captive lion’s den. The food is bad, the service is worse, but at least there is a karaoke machine in the back. Here on Zillionaire I promise to tell it like it is, but be advised the manes have been shaved to protect the innocent.

And Friends!

Sometimes our friends think they are funny and want to hog all the limelight from us.