Things That Two Years Ago You Thought You Would Never Say

  • “The future of books is audio books.” Am I an idiot or are audio books going to”blow up” any minute? It’s only one or the other, not both.
  • “Halo is the best game ever released for the Xbox.” First game I played and still the best. Microsoft should be ashamed.
  • The Bloated Over-Merchandised Star Wars Franchise® just came out with another pork chop of a video game. This one’s called ‘Ton-Ton Guts and The Rise of the Rebel Snow-Yetti.’ It’s a Mortal Combat-type fighter. The Ton-Ton Guts shoot deadly little frozen Mark Hamill’s at the enemy.” Okay, I never really said this but it will be my canned response whenever someone asks me what I think of “Star Wars” now.
  • “How is Matt doing?” He’s good. You know he’s married, right?” I guess Poison was right. Every rose does have it’s thorn.
  • “I only like watching TV Shows on DVD’s now. Megan and I will rent a whole season and watch it in a couple nights.” Perk of abandoning network and cable tv that I never expected.
  • “Professional basketball is less interesting to watch than professional soccer.” Granted I don’t watch either but I think I could still argue this point effectively.
  • “See, buying a condo could be a sweet move.” All the proof anyone ever needed that I’m nearing completion on my goal to be a 100% complete yuppy sellout by the age of thirty.
  • “If you are going to buy a computer, buy an Apple laptop.” Just last week I received my official “Apple Zealot” framed certificate that I will put up on my wall in place of my Harvard degree.
  • Ohmygod! Two years ago I never would use LOL or LMAO. :) Has iChat reduced anyone else to this instant message gibberish? ROTFLMAO.
  • “Burger King® closed down in Bellingham.” Is it fathomable that a huge burger franchise could crumble within my lifetime?

What did I forget?

3 thoughts on “Things That Two Years Ago You Thought You Would Never Say”

  1. Here’s a few things I find myself saying that never would have been uttered two years ago…

    “Wow, the Mariners are terrible. I wonder if Dave Valle, Greg Briley and Bobby Ayala could attempt a comeback…”

    “I actually prefer AM radio to FM.”

    “If you’re going to build a deck, I recommend a composite type of surface. It won’t rot, and you’ll never have to stain or treat it.”

    “The World Poker Tour is one of my top five things to watch on TV.”

    “This could be the year the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.”

    “I don’t think I can name more than 2 cast members currently on Saturday Night Live.”

  2. How about this one.

    “Hey it’s a beautifull January day but I wish it was under 90 degrees.” The price of leaving the Northwest.

    ” Most of the kids I meet today have never even seen Cheers, Seinfeld Or the A-team. I think America is doomed.”

    “Damn!!! the Seahawks are good.”

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