Diary of a Pinball Wizard

High score for WIZ on Medieval Madness

After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve found myself drifting into my favorite bar downtown after work these last two days to play pinball and have a cold one. Always the fearless trendsetter (or is that toothless loser), I saunter in alone, weighted down by a pocketful of quarters, hoping that something decent is on the jukebox. For some inexplicable reason I always play fantastic when AC/DC is coursing through the sound-system. My toes are tapping, my reflexes are sharp, and the super-jackpots just start adding up. Pretty soon, you’ve got 66 million and you get to enter your initials into the machine as the top scorer. Then you pull out your camera-phone, snap a quick pic, and post it on your blog to incite a jealous rage. All in a days work for the WIZ.

4 thoughts on “Diary of a Pinball Wizard”

  1. The game is Medieval Madness in case anyone wants a piece. Take a pic of your high score though if you want me to believe you. :)

  2. Sadly, there’s no real way to tell if DA is in fact the WIZ. I mean, anyone can go take pictures of random pinball machines and claim to be the high scorer. More sadly, does DA expect us to run around our respective towns and hunt down our local installment of Medieval Madness?

    But whoever the WIZ is, congratulations on this crowning achievement.

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