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Each week, Internet Zillionaire brings you the top stories in fake celebrity real estate:

  • Big news in California real estate this week. Rap icon and 90’s sitcom star Fresh Prince is selling his mansion in Bel Air. Listed for $6 million, the family friendly house comes with a staff of one, a large kitchen, and a colorful “graffiti art” paint job in one room. Rumor has it the Fresh Prince is downsizing and is trading in his Bel Air pad for a small hacienda in Rancho Cucamonga.
  • Long-retired DIYer Bob Villa is finally putting this old house on the market. Local appraisers say the house is showing it’s age and Villa probably should have sold long ago if he were looking to make top dollar. As of now, the old place is more of a fixer upper.
  • Rather stark news from the prairie, as it seems Laura Ingalls Wilder may also be selling as this cryptic Craigslist ad appeared online this week: For sale: little house on large open prairie. Not to be confused with my other listing of “little house in big woods”. Cost: $40,000.
  • Sad news from New York City, as the Pope of Greenwich Village has passed away. The Cardinals of Canal Street have called for a papal conclave to elect the next Bishop of Broome, also known as the Pope. Real estate prices outside Greenwich Village could skyrocket if the new Pope is chosen from a different Manhattan neighborhood. One New Yorker stated “If the Pope of Tribeca is announced, I’m moving to Brooklyn.

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  1. Sam Malone is finally selling Cheers due to his new clientele including hipsters and wanting craft beers. Cliff Clavin fits right in though with his mustache and constant knowledge dropping.

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