Podcast Zillionaire: Episode 1

Podcast Zillionaire: Episode 1

My wife wants to punch me in the nuts when I listen to sports talk radio on the drive to work in the morning. I understand her strong reaction. Who can listen to a room full of blowhards recounting every iota of information about the local sports team ad nauseam? Who wants to hear a group of guys shouting their unprovable opinions over each other at 7 a.m.? Well… I HOPE YOU DO! Because the Internet Zillionaires are excited to launch a new podcast where we do just that!

We call ourselves the Podcast Zillionaires and we put those sports talk radio guys to shame. The show is hosted and edited by Solo who is well known in these parts. Of course, I bring the sophisticated analysis and connect the dots to tease out the deeper insights into the Seattle sporting landscape. But the true star of the show is someone you might not be as familiar with around here. He goes by Krusty (named after the beefeater, I kid you not) and he is a podcast powerhouse. So grab some headphones, a beverage, and enjoy this inaugural episode of the Podcast Zillionaires.

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The Podcast Zillionaires
Podcast Zillionaire
Podcast Zillionaire: Episode 1

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