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Internet Zillionaire Poker Night

I want to start an online poker night via xbox live and paypal. I think it would go something like this:

  • Every second Wednesday of the month we fire up World Championship Poker and log in to Xbox Live.
  • All who want to play send me $10 bucks via Paypal for the buy-in.
  • We let the game keep track of the chips, gameplay, and stats.
  • When the night is over and we have a winner, we divy the money back out via paypal.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Online Zillionaire Poker dot Sweet”

  1. This idea has potential, but I doubt that this video game has a setting for “Supreme Commander Card” and other Zillionaire favorites…

    Half the fun of a poker night is crafting games where prime numbers and red Kings are wild and drawing a one-eyed Jack means all players must execute a Chinese fire drill around the table. This style of play, among other reasons, is why we’re generally not welcome in casinos… and why we must take our action online in the first place.

  2. I don’t know, it’s gonna be a tough sell with the new maps for Halo coming out…

    The game is only $19.99, and would be good for hooking up with our buddies across the country, but it seems like poker should be played in person. Those digital poker faces are just too easy to read after all.

  3. I’d choose to play in person as well, but I’m thinking it would be cool to occasionally steal some of MR’s dough or Andrew’s Microsoft money. Who can argue with that? I need to supplement my income.

    As far as digital poker faces, the game allows you to customize your player to your heart’s content. There are 25 versions of sunglasses alone. Of course, the Chizzler doesn’t wear sunglasses because I am more comfortable in my digital skin.

  4. Another logistical problem… Booth and Dyk lack Xboxes. This is important as they are the losingest poker players in the history of the casino I used to operate out of my apartment in University Place. Krusty would be passed out drunk, his cards sometimes left face up, and he would still manage to consistently win hands versus those two. Seriously, I think Dyk still owes me his first two children from past poker debts.

    If you could get those two involved, I would sign up immediately, as my start up costs of purchasing the video game would be recouped on the first night.

  5. Oh what… Solo’s too good to comment now. He’s probably working on another post that will blow ours out of the water.

  6. okay i’m back, truth is, it may have been a fluke to be funny in literary form. so i’ve been holdin off on comments lately. why don’t we do the same thing with pay pal, but play halo 2. it keeps stats, we could check them online. 5 bucks for snipes, 10 for cold cocks.

  7. not a bad concept, I think you should approach networks for a reality show based on your poker nights as it sounds like it would be an easy sell…

  8. Do you really wan’t to invite a degenerate gambler into your online “home-game?” That’s like fishing with dynamite ‘ala’ Ned on “Southpark.” Should I quit work today, or wait until your Paypal accounts look like the stock market crash of ’29?

  9. If you ever wanted the wife on board for buying an Xbox this is it. Just as long as she can occassionally play and beat everyone like New Year’s again.

  10. Damn this is a great idea. Although I will protest any games that Booth’s wife plays in. I do think that I will have a hard time playing because everytime I win a hand my wife will want to have the winnings imeaditly pay paled into her pocket. This could obviously slow down the game. Also the main fun for me at poker nights is drinking other peoples beer. So DA if you will mail me some beer each week I’m down. However my connection would probably cut out when I have a four of a kind.

  11. Progress Report: Sisko Kid, Solo, BCAV, and The Mongrel have all stepped up and got the game. Online poker night is practically a reality. The only question you must ask yourselves at this point is do you want to be in on the fun or do you want to be a wallflower. I think we all know the Zillionaire answer to that one. So step up!

    The Xbox Live gameplay is great. It’s pretty easy to set up a table and just sit with your buddies and play poker. Having the headsets makes the game however. You can bluff, talk smack, and cheer when you have a great hand right into the ear drums of your fellow opponents. Betting, calling, and folding are all simple and easy to figure out. In other words, it really feels like poker. There are a bunch of games to choose from, although I do wish you had the option of creating a custom poker game. In the few hours I’ve already spent with the game, I’ve learned a ton about how to really play hold’em. It’s a great learning tool for some real life Vegas Zillionairing.

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