Gmail: Google’s Free Email Service

For those of you still using free Hotmail or Yahoo! email accounts, there is a better alternative out there now. It’s from Google and it’s called Gmail. You can only sign up if you have an invitation so I thought I’d be nice and dole out some invitations this week. Google has a tour of the new service so you can see how it works. Post a comment if you want an invite.

5 thoughts on “Gmail: Google’s Free Email Service”

  1. An invite-only email account? I’m scratchin’ my head on this one…

    This is a first, an email account with exclusivity… all that’s missing is the velvet ropes and surly bouncer. Is a GMail account some kind of status symbol in the realm of computer geekdom?

  2. They used the invite restriction to limit the flow of new users to the system. It’s technically still in development because they add new features all the time. That’s just how Google works.

    As for exclusivity, the fever has died down on this one. A year ago is a whole different story, however. People were clamoring to get on the system first to score a better email address than what they currently could get out of Hotmail or Yahoo. Goodbye Hello!

  3. I; I say thar is issa anyone out there at the placesa starta with the 1 witha hundred zeros after it. All I wanted was a gmail account and what I got after me wasa a posse; from my other email site. Why’ll yaw say can’t I havea Gmail on my hommie computer; so I canna take it back to the hood. Sat er’say InternetZillionaire/Wordpress/RSS/Dreamhost what yoáll say; ifa the answer is no; your not invited to my BBQ and I serve the best ribs there and tater salad thar is….Dave G

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