The New Zillionaire on the Block

Truth be told, Internet Zillionaire began as a scientific experiment: As far as writing ability goes, could we produce better content than a group of monkeys chained to typewriters?

While the scientific community watched our experiment unfold, we soon realized that matching the professionalism and work ethic of monkeys would be nearly impossible for us. They were better groomed. They were more punctual. The monkeys even had fewer episodes of throwing feces at each other. Clearly, we were in over our heads. Ultimately, when the monkeys were able to reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, we admitted defeat.

Fortunately, 9Rules wasn’t interested in sonnets or prose. They were more than willing to feature our disjointed thoughts on remote controls, wedding vows, and saving the universe on their site. And we were pleased to be able to reach a new audience that wouldn’t hold us to the impossible standard that primates set. So here we are, the newest members of the 9Rules network, eager to give you a look at life through the eyes of imitation high-rollers

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