The Best Xbox Headset For Free Phone Calls

Logitech Xbox Headset

Picture a night of Halo 2 mayhem. Sweat dripping down each brow, eyes glued to the television, constant bantering between players. The end of a round has come. Everyone pauses to communicate. Somebody says, “Wait for me, I’ve got to use the restroom.” Unfortunately in order to speak, you have to be connected to your headset, which is connected to the controller, which is then connected to the Xbox, meaning you have to be in the same room as your battle station. Those days are over my friend. Go get yourself the Logitech wireless xbox headset.

After the round, I walk across my apartment slowly with no intention to rush due to my wireless freedom. I can still hear the action in the kitchen while I crack open a Zywiec (polish beer). It’s a constant portal into the virtual world at all times. As I guzzle my beverage an idea comes upon me.

The next morning I fired up the Xbox and created a party in Halo 2. Then I put on my headset, turned off the television, but kept the Xbox on, and walked around the house doing my morning chores. About an hour or so later, while I was brushing my teeth, I hear Chizzler on the other end. We were able to have a conversation without calling each other, or better yet, knowing when it was about to start.

I suspect in the future, everyone will be wearing headsets and communicating this way. There won’t be phone calls anymore, anytime you want to speak to somebody, you just say “Where you at?” Personally, I can’t wait for the future. You too can join in on the fun. I’m never going back to wired communication.

4 thoughts on “The Best Xbox Headset For Free Phone Calls”

  1. Hello Neo…

    It’s me, Solo. You expecting Morpheous? Sorry, but I had to step it up a notch. I’m hacking into your headset so you can hear my voice. Where you at?

    Seriously, Solo is really onto something here. I’ve tried out his headset and you’d be amazed at how light and easy it is to use.

    Of course, this is like comparing an elephant turd to a bicycle because the original Xbox headset feels like putting a pile of dung on your head. That’s if it works.

    Over the course of two years, I’ve gone through three rolls of duct tape to keep the microphone attached to the headband. (Yes, I call it a headband. It makes me feel ’80s.) With all the tape residue, the thing is stickier than Winnie the Pooh’s saliva. The glue has created a nasty hair ball on the earphone and a rather itchy bald patch on the side of my head. People think I had ringworm or something.

    You know what… I will try to take a pic of my headset and put it up here later. I bet all you Xboxers can relate.

  2. Finally a truley great leap forward in the world of gaming has taken place. This is the biggest thing to happen to my work ethic since the christbox was created. I picked it up also and am loving it. Macgyver would be jealous of the contraption I rigged up with my old head set. I installed the mike and ear piece into the seam of a hat. It worked awesome.

  3. That headset actually does look pretty sweet.

    And as a general rule: wires = lame.

    As an oblivious male though, this needs to be outlawed at my house. I’d be wearing it at the dinner table, engaged in animated converstation with my buds, while my wife sits silently chewing her food. Already having to complete for my attention with the TV, she’d eventually snap when the only words I say to her for the entire meal are, “I said I wanted ranch dressing, not thousand island…”

    A fork to the jugular would thus end the wireless headset experiment.

  4. Better yet, wireless will be a thing of the past. Like what Kramer was predicting in the year 2000, we will communication directly with our brains. (An excellent Seinfeld episode with Newman’s rival 2000 New Year party having Christopher Cross playing).

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