The Xbox Headset Graveyard

Xbox Headset Gaveyard

A long time ago I spoke of the daily battle of life. C’mon, you remember. The grueling pursuit to secure a small portion of sanity during our brief stay in this cruel world. You know, the one where our only hope is to shine as bright as possible while the dwindling fuse of the cosmic big bang burns down. Ring any bells yet?

Well the thing is, I forgot to pay tribute in that commentary to the fallen soldiers, our gone but not forgotten comrades. In other words, those whose necks have already been guillotined by the sharp steel blade of time. In that vast sea of corpses, I know of no product or commodity that has seen a worse fate than that of the original Xbox Communicator headset. The number of casualties is astounding, yet profound and inspiring at the same time. But the struggle continues and I know for a fact that right now, as I type this, more death and disfigurement is underway.

Look within yourselves Zillionaires, for now is a moment of reflection, reverence, and respect for the dead and wounded. I present the Xbox Headset Graveyard photo gallery:

The Chizzler’s Headset

Chizzler's Headset
War is ugly and this photo proves it. A mixture human hair, skunk fur, muck, and duct tape keep headset together at the moment. I feel half dead just wearing it.

Send me photos of your dead or dying headsets and I’ll add them to this post. Or post an epitaph in the comments. Rest in peace, Xbox Communicators.

7 thoughts on “The Xbox Headset Graveyard”

  1. Wow. That thing has seen some abuse. I fail to grasp how people can be so negligent with something they love so much…

    The only abuse my headset has incurred is a layer of dust. Most of the time I don’t even use my headset, the logic being, if I wanted to be berated by a bunch of 14-year olds I’d just get a job as a substitute teacher.

  2. i let mine go. threw it right to the top of trash can. didn’t even think about saving it for parts. i couldn’t bare to see it anymore. that’s all i got. didn’t really feel that attached to it.

  3. The exact same thing happened to me, broke at the clip. I taped it up and am currently waiting for my FREE replacement. (Call the number on the XBOX Live box, the people there are extremely helpful)

  4. I like to wear my old one as a fashion statement. That is nasty DA. I have a controlller that is three years old that has more scuzz. I have spilled gallonns of beer and nacho sauce on it. It hasn’t worked for years but I keep it out of simple respect.

  5. Krusty, only you would keep a controller out of respect. It probably is up on the wall right next to the autographed photo of you and Dustin Diamond, or your first cellular phone that somehow continued to work after falling in the toilet repeatedly.

  6. You should start a weekly photo montage series featuring the old headsets. Like Cher reinvented herself with a dance album, let the headests reinvent themselves.

    I can see it now…
    Headeset as “King Kong”
    Headset as “Hermione” from Harry Potter
    Headset and his trip to Paris.

    That’s gold baby. Gold. Feel free to run with it.

  7. Kiss my ass Bailes you got no respect for tradition. That old controler gave me more joy than most the girl friends I had.

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