What David Blaine Knows

David Blaine

Even though magician David Blaine didn’t break the world record for holding one’s breath underwater the other night, he is still unreal in my book. The man did live underwater for seven straight days and nights in the middle of New York City before attempting the feat. So when I went and visited him on Sunday in his “humanaquarium,” I wanted to relay a special message that I felt would show some solidarity. I chose the medium of the new millenium, my t-shirt. From Kevin Costner’s lips to my cotton ringer tee!

Dry Land is a Myth

6 thoughts on “What David Blaine Knows”

  1. These pics are ridiculously grainy… were you underwater with him, using an oatmeal-can camera?

    Anyway, nice shirt… I’m hoping it was only a segue to your next attempt to get his attention in the bubble: flashing him your breasts a la Girls Gone Wild.

  2. The pics were done on an etch-a-sketch, but I think they are perfect for the look of the site.

    Is anybody else out there a David Blaine fan or what? I can’t be the only nerd who spent 25 minutes taking a Sharpie to a perfectly good shirt with hopes of the man himself seeing it and getting a chuckle. Truth be told, I half-believed I would be on TV if I went to these lengths.

  3. There must be other people out there that are in love with David Blaine, but obviously none of them frequent this blog!

    I have to admit that the pictures of David’s hands all shriveled up, was really creepy and interesting.

  4. He’s bubble boy. Not that original..

    did he get his food through the oxygen tube also? Seems like an infant where you survive solely through a tube that is hooked up. Except he is not as brave as the unborn infant where the infants tube is hooked up to the stomach. His act was trivial.

  5. If David achieved his goal in every one of his feats, he would a fraud. The outcome of his underwater attempt made real his limitations, and validated his being “the real deal”.

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