Halloween with MC Hammer

This year, instead of distributing Halloween candy, I’m going to invite trick-or-treaters into my home to watch this video clip of MC Hammer:

I chose this video because it has themes associated with Halloween. And, it provides a nostalgic journey back in time when rappers incorporated sanitized lyrics, dance moves, and tie-ins with children’s movies into their videos… presumably to sabotage their careers.

So, for all the neighborhood kids that have never heard of MC Hammer, nor seen a video this hokey, I plan to rectify that tonight. The question is, does this make me the equivalent of the guy that gives out raisins, or the guy that puts razor blades into caramel apples? Discuss.

4 thoughts on “Halloween with MC Hammer”

  1. Man I think this makes you the guy who gives out toothbrushs. I would egg your house, after I stopped laughing my ass off.

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