8 thoughts on “The Budding Filmmaker”

  1. First off, the Captive Lion is too modest to properly relay the success of these clips. They have been very well received all over the Internet, and have been featured on the NY Times website, the LA times website, BoingBoing.net, and dozens of other mainstream sites.

    And of course, the background tracks that Solo created really helped make these clips the professional looking production they turned out to be.

    After watching the clips, I gave the Captive Lion one of my better backhanded compliments of all time, telling him “You managed to make something that 99% of the world thinks is totally boring and make it cool.”

    Congrats man.

  2. Gorgeous sights, beautiful sounds – y’all did such a good job. I can’t wait for the next one – you could have a one-man time lapse film festival.

    You’re awesome.

  3. I wasn’t gunning for compliments but I sure do love’em! Thanks!

    Thanks for giving Solo his credit, too. His music turned these clips from nearly unwatchable to link-worthy. Look for big things from him in the coming year. I have a feeling he’s about to get his due rewards.

  4. I’m so glad to see a new post!

    The videos are beautiful and the music was a perfect compliment. I am fascinated by timelapse and am curious to know why you chose those two gardens.
    Just watching the water evaporate from the lense in the Cranford clip was amazing.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  6. After constantly stalking about this website like a mountain lion which has spotted an insecure, lost and weak little girl, I never thought I’d actually come across media such as this. Especially coming from someone such as The Captive Lion (don’t worry, that wasn’t an insult). I think these videos are great, and the music is really fitting.

    It truly shows off the beauty that nature has to offer, and seeing this should make many feel as if this is something to fight for. I’ve always thought as these time-lapse type videos to be extremely interesting, even though a simple process of recording is used.

    Well, I’ll cease my babbling here and leave on a final note that I thought these were really well done, good job and the once again…the music was wonderful.

    Yours, somewhat truly

    Hazard Haze

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