Hipster Slow Cookoff 

During the snow storm last week I decided it was time to try out the new slow cooker my parents had gifted me for Christmas. I figured it was a perfect time to give it a test run. I also thought it was an original idea because who else would trudge through 2 feet of snow to buy cumin, celery and beef? As I searched through the spice section at the local grocer I came across another hipster looking for cumin. Wearing skinny jeans, a gortex North Face jacket, Frye boots, and a black beanie (exactly what I was wearing), he explained to me that his parents bought him a slow cooker for Christmas and he wanted to give it a test run by making chili. About a minute later another hipster walked up, wearing the same outfit asking where the cumin was. Surely I came up with the original idea of #Netflixandchili? Within 3 hours there were 478 ‘Netflixandchili’ hashtags on Instagram. I’m sure my chili was the best though.

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