I Am Disgusting

Woke up this morning and realized for the first time why people say you shouldn’t eat in bed. On a related note, cracker crumbs make for alright pillows.

5 thoughts on “I Am Disgusting”

  1. Alright, gonna need some clarification on this one. First off, you title it by mentioning you’re disgusting (a fact we could have told you LONG ago) but you didn’t back it up with any proof. I see nothing disgusting about your story, and I must admit it makes me a little hungry.

    However, I’m totally down for making this a category.

  2. Ahh the joy of leftovers in bed or as I fondly call them bedovers. Bedovers are a must have if you are ever to be trapped in bed for days. I personally keep a small supply of bedovers at all times. You never know when the big earthquake will strike. I’lll be prepared surving on my crumbs of cabage and peanut butter cookies.

  3. I want a post on bedovers on my desk by 9am tomorrow morning! What do you think this is? A pony ride at the circus. A place where you get your hair cut. No, this is a place of work where when someone has a good idea, it is there own to run with. So run, Forrest, run!

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