If Weird Al Yankovic and This Website Had a Baby

If you could see the smile on my face right now, you would know why they call it a shit-eating grin. Note to my dentist: Don’t sweat it, I’ll floss extra tonight.

What has got me more excited than a chimpanzee in make-up, you ask? It’s only the newest innovation in weblogs… the theme song! Internet Zillionaire is now the first website to have it’s own official theme music. After all, it is the next logical step in the evolution of theme songs.

The Evolution of the Theme Song

So if you thought we were just a bunch of talentless hacks before, prepare to be proven right. I give you the Internet Zillionaire theme music:

Did I just hear someone say they wish they could have those 14 seconds back?

6 thoughts on “If Weird Al Yankovic and This Website Had a Baby”

  1. I can see the Zillionaire put down his bag of money, drop to one knee and do the jazz hands finish to this brilliant song! Nice Work!

  2. Perfect! I smell a video in the works. Brenda, you are obviously in charge of choreography. Solo, you’re behind the keys. Me… I’ll just be in my dressing room practicing my moves in front of the mirror.

    Over the years, I’ve learned that the secret to jazz hands has nothing to do with your hands at all. It’s all about delivering that amalgamated look of awe, surpise, disbelief and wonderment the split second your face is revealed from behind flashing white gloves. Come to think of it, it’s the same look a two-year old gives you when you’re playing a game of hide and seek and you open the most obvious closet door to find them standing there.

  3. Well, this is excellent.

    Official Website: check.
    Official Lounge (my basement): check.
    Theme song: check.

    Now, if someone would get to work on the Zillionaire Coat of Arms, we’d really have something here…

  4. Excellent, Da you kill me. If I can I would like to work on the difficult matter of selecting an official beer, wine, strip club and candy bar. Also a life size mascot costume would be good for me to wear behind the bar at our annual conferences.

  5. Can I help pick the beer, I think that Krusty is a little out of practice, living in CA and all has made him a little soft. I think that last time I visited him down there he was drinking wine coolers.

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