Zillionaires on Parade


It’s New Years Eve, and Zillionaires across the country are mobilizing to celebrate the occasion. That’s me, fourth from the left. Not pictured: My bow and arrow.

As Zillionaires, I’m sure you all have a drink within easy reach right now. So let us raise our glasses, and toast the coming year, and hope for as much success and happiness as the law will allow.

And thanks to my buddy Hepworth for producing the graphic. As you can see, he specializes in superimposing characters from Greek mythology into wedding photos. If you have a similar need, shoot me an email.

One thought on “Zillionaires on Parade”

  1. Fabulous photo. It is exactly how I remember it. My favorite part was when your new young bride jumped on your back and you rode off into the sunset.

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