It’s a Man!!!

I’m pleased to announce the results of our ultrasound today with this snapshot capturing the baby’s genitalia.


Clearly, it’s a man. Look at that sniper rifle! I can’t even begin to express my relief right now. And for the record, this is the first of many nude photos of my son that will be taken and invariably pulled out in front of his prom date 18 years from now.

Here’s one other pic with a more tasteful look at little Lando Calrissian.


There’s no need to schedule a sex change operation after the delivery. We’re having a boy, an heir to the Zillionaire Empire… and I couldn’t be happier. The next step is settling on a name, so please continue sending in your suggestions!

10 thoughts on “It’s a Man!!!”

  1. I knew a comment of that nature was coming.

    Keep in mind, the fetus only weighs 9 ounces right now… Extrapolate it out, he’ll have a harpoon by the time he’s 16.

  2. Fair enough, … It’s just, if johnny is going to brag and bring it up here, well then it’s open game. And i’ve seen him at the pool… ;-)

  3. Not knowing the gender of our child yet leaves me with this frightening notion: If I have a girl – and try as Jeanette might to raise a polite, well-mannered boy – that “harpoon-carrying” hellion, warped by his father, could be hitting on my daughter down the road.

  4. Way to go my man! way to go! The testosterone is pouring out of you as we speak. I knew you had it in you. McSex jr on his way already to his future as prominant womanzier. Ah now I just can’t wait to teach him the ropes.

  5. Nice work peewee! That’s great news. I think that you should name him Roscow. Roscow Ring, has a certain ring to it, no pun intended.

  6. Congrats on finding out. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous that you know… our little stinker wouldn’t show. Legs as closed as they could be, darn it. Anyway, for your (could have been) daughter’s sake, I am happy Matt is having a son. Can’t wait to meet the little Ring.

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