Hustle Points

I like to keep track of life by keeping mental notes of how many “hustle points” I might get in a day. Allow me to explain myself.

In high school I used to play basketball. Throughout a season the coach and assistants kept track of an individual’s points scored, assists, rebounds, and hustle points. A hustle point meant either you laid out for a ball into the stands, dove onto the ground for a loose ball, or just generally worked your butt off on the court. At the end of the season an awards banquet was held for the team. I remember the first time I was introduced to this concept. Back in 1988, my brother won the hustle award for the season. To say the least, I was impressed. I have never won the hustle award. But I’m still keeping track.

Let’s say I have a rehearsal at 1 pm. I decide to leave 10 minutes earlier due to construction on the trains. As I figured, the subway was all messed up and it took me a little longer than usual. But I showed up right on time. I call that a hustle point.

Even simple planning of routes throughout the city is hustling in my world. Every once in a while the police set up random roadblocks. Usually they’re looking for drunk drivers, but I don’t like talking to cops anytime I don’t have to. One time I saw the trap ahead and quickly turned right so I’d miss the roadblock. Hustling.

Okay I have lost many hustle points in my day. I do admit, one time The Captive Lion called me and said he was ready to play Halo 2. I was unable to because I had forgot to charge my new Logitech wireless headset. That was not hustling.

And without a doubt I know who’s getting hustled right now…you. Unless you stopped reading about 2 paragraphs ago. I’m not really a writer, but I get to pretend. Now that’s hustling.

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  1. I took a charge at the office the other day. This guy ran a curl cut around a cubicle wall. I squared my chest and held my position. It was a decisive play. It changed the momentum for our department for the rest of the day.

  2. I should be awarded the hustle player of the year award. After many days living in a new neighborhood I finally found the perfect pub. This was great and I enjoyed the food and great selection of brew. After a good pint of ale I realized I was sitting at the best seat in the bar. I had the perfect tv shot right in front of me. The dish of bar snacks was in reach of me and the bartender had to pass me every few minutes (removing any chance of my glass being empty. So there I was with this fantastic spot and an old man comes in and everyone in the place knows him. He is very popular and there were no empty bar seats left. Now those of you that know me know that I would happily live on a great bar stool. It soon became clear that this seat was in fact his regular seat. So I didn’t throw nasty looks or even punches to defend my terrain. I simply pounded my unfinished beer and stepped up offerring my stool to the old man. The pub was a roar of applause and slaps on the back. I assured them it was no big deal and I was tired of sitting on the greatest bar seat ever anyway. That is how you win the hustle award.

  3. If Krusty is awarded the Hustle player of the year, I am the Lifetime Achievement award winner. I actually won back-to-back Hustle Awards as a junior and senior. My senior year, I had a stretch of about 5 games where I played the entire game, which probably increased my chances of winning the award.

    After hight school, I attended UW where I would win the title of “Fastest Man in Rugby”, which is a nice title to have during those formative years as a young male adult. I would select classes that would be in buildings closest to my house. I knew the fastest route to get to each class, finding the best seat in the back to avoid any eye contact with the professor.

    As I moved on to law school, I developed friendships with the upper classmen, which in turn meant I would be able to obtain their elusive outlines for classes. The outline is what every law student would use to study for finals and pass. I actually took classes where I didn’t even buy a book because I had the outline.

    Today, I have contact with some of the brightest attorneys in the country and use their motions to suppress breath tests, argue certain issues and most of the time, have been successful. I know which clerk to contact if I need to reschedule hearings. And I too have found the perfect backroads to fly by SR 520 traffic on those particularly bad days to get back home from Redmond. Now that is hustling.

  4. how bout the refs at the super bowl. they seemed to hustle the hawks a little that day. somebody on the the steelers team slipped some dough under the officials hotel room that morning. i’ll give em a hustle point, even though i am bitter.

  5. The ultimate hustle award goes to the person who retires the soonest and lives the longest to enjoy it. Receiving an inheritance or winnng the lottery disqualifies you. Jonathon, you were robbed for not getting the hustle award; Gibb should at least give you honorable mention.

  6. good call ken. didn’t know i was the only one keeping track at the time. when i see him at this years reunion i’ll let him know what’s up.

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