Sweet One, Gonzaga

Allow me to quote Nancy Kerrigan: “Why, why, why? … Why meeee? Why meeeeeeee?”

That’s pretty much how I feel right now. Seriously Gonzaga, what the hell happened last night?

You blow a 17-point lead? You allow UCLA to score the last 11 points in the game? Losing is one thing, but is it necessary to put up one of the biggest crunch-time collapses in tournament history?

At the same time, I’m not at all surprised. Humiliating, history-making losses are commonplace for any sports team I choose to openly root for, especially in the post-season.

And one more thing, after the game ended, I flipped over to NBC hoping that an episode of The Office would make me less enraged. Naturally, it was a rerun, which served as the icing on top this horrific evening.

It’s a good thing I keep a flask in my desk. That’s the only thing that’s gonna get me through the rest of the day.

6 thoughts on “Sweet One, Gonzaga”

  1. Yeah i was fairly disappointed too, i came in at the 9pt lead with 3 mins to go mark.. i almost changed it thinking (and i’ll quote) “it’ll be a damn miracle if UCLA even threatens to win”.. apparently miracles do happen, too bad i wasted my chance on this instead of a lottery ticket, or a new car.

    But lets admit, isn’t it a little harsh to expect them to go all the way every year? Sure i wish they had won, but i keep hearing people complain because they lost.. they’re ranked like what, #4 in the nation? No shame in my book..

    Though one could safely say they “coug’d” it..

    Wyatt Earp

  2. For 38 minutes, Gonzaga looked worthy of being not only in the Final Four, but of being a national champion.

    And when did Derek Ravio all of a sudden become unable to do anything on the court with any patience. Say what you want about the overall collapse, but if he doesn’t dribble upcourt like an out-of-control idiot and lose the ball in the final few seconds, the Zags probably end up with a much better shot than a desperation chance by Bautista.

    They channeled the spirit of Wazzu for the final 120 seconds.

  3. Well, it’s standard for a washington team. And way to go Huskies tonight, boy, that was a farse. The got screwed by the refs but also completely self destructed in the last minute. However, if I had to choose which was the worst debacle, I think that the zags win it hands down. Sweet zags!

  4. Commonplace for washington state. They have to ruin all hope. It’s right when hope arises that is when we lose.

  5. By the way, Matt, I think that you need to quit rooting for washington teams and ruining if for the rest of us. The curse will certainly leave if you just start rooting for some other teams.

  6. This one’s a little belated:

    Sweet one, Seahawks. Way to not franchise Steve Hutchinson and lose him to the Vikings. The only bright side here is that the whole episode has become a giant pissing match between the two franchises. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s a good pissing match.

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