Baby Booth Arrives

Logan Booth

Dear Charlie,

Is this how our life is going to be — one constant competition to see who can one-up each other?

Jeez, sounds like our fathers.

Sure, you may have arrived in this world first, but man, there were some things you missed out on by not staying inside your mom’s womb for a few more weeks.

Instead you had to flaunt to the entire world your full mane of hair. At least I wasn’t far behind on that front and we’ve both got more than my dad.

Well, there were a few drawbacks of arriving later. Maneuverability became similar to driving in Seattle at rush hour. I guess that’s what happens when you come out at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Whatever mom was eating sure gave me a constant case of the hiccups. And for goodness sake, could dad get the remote out of mom’s hands once or twice to watch something other than the 26 versions of Law and Order? I can’t walk, but I can prosecute a murder case.

But, it was kind of cool sticking out my knees and elbows and making my mom’s stomach look like some odd form of abstract art. And you can’t argue against a diet of ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream.

I will be calling upon you for advice in the coming months. I mean, you have exactly a two week headstart on all those joyous things we’re about to experience: diaper rash, teething, pooping ourselves, pooping on our dads. I’m going to need to know all the idiosyncrasies of accomplishing those tasks in the most efficient manor (especially the pooping on dad part).

Logan And Kerri

Cheers my friend. Now begins our partnership as Zillionaire-brethren driving our fathers on a daily basis ever closer to insanity.

Logan Dale Booth (sure to be known to all Zillionaires as Booth, Jr.)

11 thoughts on “Baby Booth Arrives”

  1. Something in the water on this site…Congrats Booth’s! Glad everyone is healthy and happy. He is so very beautiful.

  2. There comes a time in every website’s life when it needs to post a zillion pictures of babies. It’s a gentle reminder that without being born, we wouldn’t be able to look at as many websites during the day.

    I’m also glad I was able to help accommodate their introduction not only to friends and family but to the Internet at large and Google especially. Let today be the day that all babies can google their name and have a link to their picture at Internet Zillionaire show up.

  3. To Charlie and Logan:
    April 29th is the first day of fishing at Deer Lake. First one that comes up to the lake will be my fishing buddy, the second one has to cut bait!

  4. Congratulations Booth on Logan! It’s great to hear of another healthy baby.

    And also, congrats to the Captive Lion for resorting to the cheap Google ad plug. But hey, it made me click on a few!

  5. Wow! Congratulations to the Booths & to new baby Logan… glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy.

    There does seem to be a fair amount of “producing” for the class of 1996! I guess I know what everyone else has been doing with their spare time :)

    Logan and Charlie are both very adorable little babies!

  6. Contratulations! Logan is a heart-breaking cutie as well. It’s so hard to imagine both you and Matt as fathers. I keep thinking of all of us in elementary school, running around on the soccer field with Dorothy yelling at us to get moving :) I miss those days but I’m looking forward to the day when I hear about your little Logan kicking a little butt on the soccer field like his dad before him.

    Lots of love,

  7. Congrats Booth, I think that Moira took the words right out of my mouth. Future midfielder for sure. Take care man.

  8. Well Booth, Charlie came home yesterday (weighing 5lb 13oz) and I’m working on bridging the gap in Logan’s size before the boys go head to head. To that end, every other feeding he gets is pure Crisco and creatine.

    Congrats my friend, let the sleep deprivation begin.

  9. Hey Kids! You’re all having kids! What happened to us just trying to annoy our parents and get sneak an extra $20 on weekend laundry visits?! Congrats to you both Tim and Matt. I can hardly believe you are daddies, but you have some darn cute babies that are sure to bring you both such joy. Me, I’m still annoying the parents, only now it’s because of the lack of babies, but whatever. I have cat, does that count? I’ll toast to you both!

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