11 thoughts on “Goodnight From Brooklyn”

  1. superdope!

    Can’t wait for the lunchtime edition.

    I still think you should forge a map in BK…that is a dope idea chizzler…

  2. the world is round right? simple stuff of everyday has something to say but we only listen once and awhile.

  3. Good to see I can always spam everyone I know to get some life back into this blog. As you can see, it’s still practically summertime here in BK so the blogging has suffered. The living has been good though.

    Two points about the video:

    1. It it so shaky because it was windy up on the rooftop I was at.

    2. The music is Kanye West with Mos Def off his new album “Graduation.”

    Thanks for watching. I’ll definitely be making more videos.

  4. i enjoyed coming through and watching that with you. even though i’d seen the sunset out here so many times, the light was especially crazy that night! and i never really just sat there and checked it out. it was relaxing.

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