This Blog is Only Mostly Dead

Mostly Dead is Slightly Alive

It is with great excitement and very little fanfare that I announce the return of Internet Zillionaire. I started this blog on a whim 12 years ago to the day. With the help of my hilarious friends and a stroke a luck, it actually turned into something special.

The design was highly praised in the web design community. The writing was also considered top notch. The blog was accepted into the prestigious (at the time) 9rules Network in November of 2005. Our content was featured on numerous sites including CollegeHumor and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

Then life happened.

Eventually, the writing slowed to a near halt. The design sat unchanged for years like a McDonald’s hamburger left out. I watched as the site visitor stats dwindled down and down until there was almost no one reading our content anymore. The blog was mostly dead.

But as Miracle Max taught us, being mostly dead is still slightly alive! This blog, this community of amateur comedians, this water cooler for both my closest friends and many complete strangers, just needed its own chocolate-covered miracle pill. So I’ve called in all the favors I have earned over the years. I’ve assembled the dream team back for another go. And as far as I can tell, the world is even more hungry for fresh, funny, and original content. That is our mission and we choose to accept it.

So join us again, or for the first time. In preparation for today’s relaunch, we’ve already added a bunch of new posts:

Who knows, if this goes well, we could all be Internet Gajillionaire’s someday!

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