Runner’s Up for Man’s Best Friend

I have a handful of good friends. A couple great friends even. But one thing’s for sure. They can never be my best friend. Why? They are all human. And I am a man. It’s a problem of genetics. Our DNA is too similar. Everyone knows that man’s best friend is a dog. By virtue of definition, all my other friends, human or otherwise, are second banana and have to live with that.

Do my friends like it when I remind them of the issue? Not much. I remember in 10th grade, a close friend signed my yearbook with “Best Friends Forever” and I had to ask her to erase the “best” part because that designation was already taken by Spice, my mom’s cocker-spaniel who was not the least bit interested in me, “forever”, and had never signed my yearbook.

I’m not saying it’s fair. In fact, sometimes I think it’s nuts. None of my other friends have made me watch them take a dump and then look back at me with shame and guilt in their eyes as I reach over to clean it up. Nope, that’s just my best friend. That’s just my closest pal who put me in that awkward situation.

It’s not an equal friendship in the least which also makes me question how it can be the best I deserve. Sure we both like to putt around the house occasionally and watch out the window as the mail gets delivered, but I have a hard time believing Turner and Hooch is as good as it gets. I certainly hope my deathbed flashback is not gonna be a five-minute montage of a dog drooling on all my prized possessions.

It makes me wonder who was so pathetic to wrongfully prioritize this man-dog relationship in the first place? What poor, shallow guy decides he doesn’t need an intelligent conversationalist in a best friend, or more importantly, an occasional designated driver? What dude was home alone late on a Friday night looking around his apartment, taking stock of the knickknacks and ranking them in order of their friendship with him? What were some of this sad, miserable man’s other options that didn’t quite make the cut?

Runner’s Up for Man’s Best Friend

  1. Cactus – Is technically alive but don’t have to water or care for it. Better than dog in that way. Razor sharp needles are badass.
  2. Fridge – Keeps beer cold. Has automatic light, don’t have to flip dumb switch. Doubles as big stationary flashlight at night when I walk to bathroom.
  3. Pinball – Fun as hell. Downside: sometimes the machine eats your quarters and you don’t want to go ask for 50 cents from the bartender because it will make you look like a cheap putz.
  4. Sandwiches – Just put some shit on bread, don’t forget to chew, and you are good to go. No matter the ingredients its always called the same thing, easy for brain to remember. When they get real big, add the word “submarine” in front of it. These can be up to six feet long but don’t taste good after they have been submerged under water for an extended period of time. In fact, taste much better when they have been permanently docked on dry land.
  5. Cat – Is stupid like dog. Is hairy like dog. Is lazy like dog. Will run in front of truck for me? No. Will lead me around when I am old and blind? No. Will hunt and eat mice? Hopefully.
  6. Laptop – Portable jukebox, notepad, blank canvas, and backup brain all in one. Can open wormhole in space and time (with optional webcam). Portal to the revolutionary playground (Internet).
  7. Redbull – Nevermind. Just saw empty can and thought, “Well… let me think for a sec.”
  8. Recycling bin – Alright. Same thing as Redbull happened again.
  9. Fart sounds – Always funny. Most people have never thought of having a sound as a best friend before. Would turn a lot of heads when walking down the street together. Can easily be made with many different body parts (not just anus).
  10. Nicknames – Like a best friend, a good nickname will stick with you for life. That’s called loyalty. Which would make a pretty bad nickname unless you spelled it differently, like “Loyal T” or something. Hey! I bet Loyal is Mr. T’s first name! But it goes without saying no matter how you spell it, Mr. Loyal T would also be a chill best friend to have.

11 thoughts on “Runner’s Up for Man’s Best Friend”

  1. ok, that last comment doesn’t make any sense. i’d say in your life, your laptop has good chance of being the all-time “buds for life” title. you should start taking pictures with you and your laptop on vacation together, in the bahamas.

  2. haha.. hilarious but true. I always tink my Zico is my best bud.
    Solo’s comment nearly make me fall from the chair.
    Nice blog n cool design.
    Thumbs up!!!

  3. fart sound yearbook entry ’91:


    it was a great year. math class!
    remember the assemblies?! we
    had fun. Have a great summer!
    BFF, call me!


  4. I fully agree with CL on the ineptitude of a dog for a best friend. Having a dog is basically telling the world that your need for companionship outweighs your disgust for picking up dog shit. I feel like a friendship should have more to offer than that.

  5. One thing I will have to argue with is the cat part. You can teach them to use the toilet and they usually snuggle with you when your down. Don’t forget they make great foot warmers in the winter.

  6. The main reason why a laptop is better than a dog:

    If your computer gets worms, it won’t drag its butt on the carpet to rid them… it will just run a virus scan.

  7. I’ll put the fridge up there at the top of my best friend list. I mean all I want from a best friend is to provide me happiness everytime I see it. The fridge does this without fail.

  8. Are you guys dead or something? I haven’t seen this level of inactivity on this site ever. Come on entertain me dammit.

  9. Well, I’ve got a bad one in the works…

    Plus, I’ve been really busy staging an annoying email campaign to motivate my friends to get off their asses, buy a 360, and then promptly get back on their asses for hours of videogaming.

    In addition to that, I’m also staging a hunger strike and wearing sandwich boards around the clock for the cause.

    So, Captive Lion and Solo: buy a 360 and end all of our suffering so I can get back to work.

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