The Ellensburg Song (Rod Goosman Remix)

I’m all for looking forward. My motto is “keep it moving.” But there is always a time for looking back. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting together with old friends and family. And rather than write a long-winded message talking about what that meant, Solo and I teamed up on an early Christmas present for all of you. Soup and Slayer reunited. Lyrics available upon request.

The Ellensburg Song (Rod Goosman Remix)

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I just have to personally say Solo kills this track. The beat is infectious. The production is on-point. It’s amazing to me how easy this all is with his talent and expertise. And thanks to him I realized I could never go on tour.

23 thoughts on “The Ellensburg Song (Rod Goosman Remix)”

  1. Excellent, I have been waiting for this for years. As someone who still busts out black top and chains I am pumped for the eburg song remix. I love the piano and the nice smooth vibe.

  2. Scared me for a second, thought it was the Ellensburg song that we sang in 5th grade. Just wondering if your plan on playing that at the 20 year.

  3. I forgot about that janitor. That is hilarious. You’ve come a long way from cassette tapes in a Volvo. And from Mabton. I think this is your best hit yet.

  4. First off, Solo, I find it really hysterical that a janitor was telling you to aim lower. Classic.

    Anyway, here are some extended verses:

    Back in ’93
    It was freshman year,
    and we had no fear,
    Almost got into a fight,
    When Lion told Rob Topmiller his hat was on too tight.

    Back in ’94,
    We were Sophomores,
    We were on JV, but Lion quit the first week,
    So it was Solo and I, on long bus rides,
    Out to Sunnyside.

    And back in ’95,
    It was do or die, for McFly and Fungi
    We made fun of some fools,
    Who smoked outside the school,
    And that enraged Joe Boo and his Taz-cap crew.

    Back in ’96
    Time to graduate,
    But it was 108, on our commencement date,
    Solo’s grandma passed out and had to rehydrate.

  5. Wow! That was great, Solo. I actually have the tape they gave us after we recorded it. I will try to dig it up, the only problem is I don’t have a tape player anymore!

  6. nice work centaur, everything rhymed. appreciate the shout on my grandma passing out too. you know they stopped anouncing scholarships after that because of her? trust me, i remember the janitor told me to “keep my day job” as i was loading out my guitar equipment from the homecoming concert i played, WHILE he was mopping the floor. not to mention i was 17 years old.

  7. I have an objection to the lines about the smokers and Jo-Boo considering that though I wasn’t on the high school campus, I was part of that “crew”.

  8. Speaking of being 2 months late, where are you guys? Two months since your last post… gotta be a record of futility.

    Hope everything is going well.

    Oh, and loved the song of course.

  9. Hey!
    My sister in Arizona sent this to me today. I wonder why I have heard nothing about this great rap! Who is behind this? I want royalties.
    Rod Goosman (without the “e”.)

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